Pet Boarding Agreement

Terms and Conditions

Danmar Pet Resort puts forth every effort to maintain the safety of every pet and human at our facility. I understand that there are certain risks involved with pet care.

These include but not limited to, Kennel Cough, communicable disease, and possible death.

I accept these risks and release Danmar Pet Resort, its employees, and owners from any liability claims associated with these risks.

I also understand that if my pet gets injured or sick, it is the sole responsibility of the owner to be responsible for all veterinarian costs.

Danmar Pet Resort will make every attempt to contact my veterinarian. In the case that an emergency requires immediate attention or my veterinarian is unavailable, Danmar Pet Resort has my permission to attain medical attention from a qualified veterinarian at the owner’s expense.

Pick Up
In the event that I do not pick up my pet on the scheduled day of pick up, I authorize Danmar Pet Resort to continue services for boarding at the owner’s expense. If I place my pet in daycare and do not pick up at the end of the business hours, I authorize Danmar Pet Resort to board my pet at the owner’s expense. If after 2 days of attempts to reach the owner by phone and emergency numbers provided, It is at the sole discretion of Danmar Pet Resort to consider the pet abandoned and take steps necessary to release Danmar Pet Resort’s responsibility, by contacting 3rd party government or adoption partner’s.

Full payment is due at the time of pickup of your pet. If payment is not made at this time, Danmar Pet Resort will allow 24 hrs for payment, and pet(s) will be boarded at an additional night charge. If payment is not received at this time, all invoices will be submitted for collection and the owner will be responsible for any fees and charges incurred from this process.

Cancellation Policy
All Cancellations for dog boarding must be 48 hours in advance, and Doggie daycare 24 hours in advance. If I fail to cancel in this time frame, it is Danmar Pet Resorts’ sole discretion to charge one (1) night of boarding or doggie daycare. All cancellations for major holidays must be canceled within 72 hours in advance to avoid one (1) night or daycare fee.

Boarding Agreement

This is a boarding agreement to get more knowledge about your pet(s). It is not a form that guarantees an appointment at Danmar Pet Resort. Please call the office at 623-215-5166 in order to schedule and confirm your appointment. Are you sure you would like to continue filling out the boarding agreement?