Our Story

Our Story

Danmar Pet Resort was started out of our basement in New Jersey back in 2005.

We would take family and friends pets in our home while they went on a vacation. This eventually lead to a business that opened its doors to families that wanted the best care and attention for their pets.

We have 3 dogs of our own so we know how hard it is to find a good loving place to board your dogs. When we take care of your pets, we treat them as if they were part of our family.

When we moved to Arizona in 2008,  our goal was to give pets in the Phoenix area the same love and attention as we did in the New Jersey. We knew that we had to start a boarding facility that pet owners would feel that their pets would be loved and cared for the way any family member would.

We searched for a long time to find the right home for Danmar Pet Resort. We knew that we did not want to have a large boarding facility like some of the competition has. In our eyes your dog is not a number and in our facility your dog has a name and is treated like our own.

Our new Pet Resort is fully air conditioned, monitored daily 24 hrs a day 365 days a year.  We have indoor and outdoor play areas for all our guests to enjoy. There also is an outside area (artificial grass) so your dog could use for its potty breaks. Your dog will not have the stress of trying to use a hard floor for its potty break.

This is not a Franchise or a Corporate owned business.
We are a family owned and operated facility. We are always available to talk to about suggestions or concerns.

Please feel free to stop by and a take a tour of our Resort.

Danmar Pet Resort
1725 West Williams Drive BLDG E STE 49   Phoenix, AZ 85027 

Phone: 623-251-5166 

Fax (623)251-5810

Website: http://www.danmarpetresort.com