Danmar Pet Resort
1725 West Williams Drive BLDG E STE 49 Phoenix, AZ 85027 US
Phone: 623-251-5166 Website: http://www.danmarpetresort.com


Overnight Guests

Our suites are custom built with the emphasis on comfort as well as the safety of our guests. All our suites are spacious and offer raised cots and cozy blankets.
You are welcome to bring any toys from home that your pet may need.

*Please no Rawhide*

We offer 3 different size suites to meet the needs of different size dogs.Your pet will be in a size appropriate suite, with enough space to accommodate them.

Our small suite is a 3ft x 5ft
Our large suite is a 5ft x 5ft

Our extra Large is a 6ft x7ft

All Inclusive overnight guests will enjoy complimentary all day play in our outdoor and indoor play areas. We also have a small play area for our Petite and elderly Guests.

Doggie Day Care Services

The Full day and half day packages also enjoy the indoor and outdoor play areas during the duration of their stay.
This area is always monitored by our trained Pet Care Professionals.

Multi-day discount packages are available. Please see our rates and packages page for more details.

Express dropoff and pickup option With pre-paid package. 

Exit Bath

Reserve  a relaxing bath for your pet. They will come home
fresh and clean.

Nail Trimming or Nail Grinding

We do not offer webcam service but we can offer you a One Minute Video  of your pet in our play area .  Just Request on Arrival....
This will give you great comfort that your dog is enjoying its stay and you should enjoy your trip as well.

Dog Grooming                                                                  
     We offer three packages

  • Bath and Brush
  • Mini Groom
  • Full groom 
Please call for Pricing or to reserve an appointment for your pooch.

Guest Requirements

All guests must be current on their vaccinations. Rabies, Distemper and Bordetella.
To be able to join play group all guests must be spayed or neutered if over 6 months of age.

   Please call  (623) 251-5166 to make an appointment.

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